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Romantic Dates in Cabo

To spend most of the day in the water is the most normal thing to do in Cabo. In Nauticlux, we offer the rent of yachts, catamarans, boats, and much more.

The best commodities, the best packages so you don’t miss anything in your date.

Having romantic dates in yachts is so common, today’s couples don’t limit themselves in surprising their partner with gifts, they go beyond that. We contribute to that special detail with the rent of our yachts. You’ll get to enjoy that special romantic mood you are looking for to share with your very special someone.

If you want to experience a special day with your partner, don’t doubt in contacting us for further information. We are the ideal option to have an unforgettable evening.

Don’t forget to take your camera with you since you’ll have moments you will not want to forget.

Including romantic dates on a yacht will make your relationship a beautiful experience.

Also, you can’t miss the opportunity of getting to know the most famous points of interest in Cabo, invite your friends and family.

You’ll spend some of the best moments in Cabo on board on one of our Yachts, Catamarans, or Boats. Ask now for our packages and organize your own party/event.

We have big packages for your Yacht Ride, you’ll never forget these vacations.

Live the most enjoyable days of your life in Los Cabos, enjoy the sunny day and its chill breezes, its sunsets in company of that special someone.

Contact us for further information. Get to know all of our services by navigating on our website.


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