Red Bull Cliff Diving

Cliff diving in Los Cabos.

Adrenaline, excitement, and an unbeatable location, this is how Red Bull Cliff Diving began in Los Cabos.

What is this amazing diving about?

It consists of a free fall of more than 27 meters in height combined with incredible acrobatics. Athletes must show off their jumping skills without any protection except their full concentration and physical control.

Did you know Red Bull Cliff Diving started in the famous rock formation of Cabo known as The Arch?

The intrepid participants will face their own fears, putting their style to the test to surprise the jury with their most incredible maneuvers. Already divided by category, athletes must execute 5 different types of jump: front, inverted, backwards, inwards and upside down, taking into account the positions as well as the style of the fall.

Athletes seek to score points in each competition as five judges score each dive according to a scale of 0 to 10 and the total score of the dives are added to produce the final score of the competition for each athlete.

The first 6 athletes in the general raking at the end of the season, are automatically taken into account for the next season of the World Series. The competitors of this edition will give everything in those jumps in order to overthrown the other world champions.

Interesting right? Red Bull Cliff Diving continues to spread throughout the world and remains to be so adventurous and impressive. We certainly admire those athletes who put their fears aside to let themselves fall into a 27 meters long fall.


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