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Benefits of Yacht Fishing

Discover all the amazing yachts we have available for you. You are the captain and we are pleased to serve you as you deserve! Enjoy Cabo San Lucas Fishing in our Fishing charters, or more of our Cabo San Lucas tours that include an up close encounter with a humpback whale, discover the best secret spots for snorkeling and admiring coral reefs, spend a romantic evening admiring the starry sky with that special someone or party hard with a bunch of pirates that know nothing about letting the waves be at rest! Ahoy!

Benefits of Yacht Fishing

Did you know that about 72% of the Earth’s surface is covered in water? Yeah, crazy right? Much of the oceans are fished, most commonly by commercial fishermen. Many fishermen own or rent boats for their own fishing trips, while others can fish along the coastline. At Nauticlux, you can charter your own yacht at amazing low rates.

First thing first, you can fish whenever and wherever you want with a chartered fishing yacht. Apart from this, you get to choose with whom you want to go on a fishing trip by chartering a yacht. At your own schedule and companionship, your fishing trip will surely be a success. Also, have in mind that yachts include a captain and a fishing crew. 

Secondly, the facilities onboard a yacht are much better than most fishing boats. There are cabins with beds and private toilets. A really special facility if there are ladies on board. All facilites are always up to date with their maintenance, some as good as new and suited for water sport activities as well.

Lastly, going deep sea fishing onboard a luxury yacht will make you feel more as a high class individual. The yacht’s higher motor performance will make you go faster and make your fishing day a remarkable one.

Here at Nauticlux, we have a wide range of luxury catamaran and yachts available for charters. All our yachts are well maintained. All of our staff are skilled people that know Cabo’s waters as the back of their hands. We will recommend you the best yacht based on your number of guests, required activities, and budgets. We can customize to your every needs.

Navigate on our website and take a look at our fishing yacht charters, some of them include fishing rods, bait, and much more. Contact us for further information.

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Boulevard Lázaro Cárdenas 1501, CP. 23410. Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur