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Golf in Cabo

Cabo San Lucas is considered as one of the favorite locations to practice golf, where you can find impressing golf campuses. The charm of the Gulf of Mexico you find it in the golf capital. (See what we did there?) For those who are looking for activities more civilized, we

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Visit the Canyon of the Fox

Located on the North of Cabo San Lucas, in the desserts of Baja, there is a small town called “Sol de Mayo” waiting for you. Your expert nature guide will show you the way, you better open up your eyes at the breathtaking landscapes of the dessert. During the season

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Adventure in Cabo

You’re already in Cabo, you may plan all kinds of activities as well. Plan all type of activities in Los Cabos, it’s one of the most touristic destinations in Mexico. Los Cabos is home to some of the hotels and resorts most luxurious in the world, with exceptional spas, high-quality

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What Food is Cabo Known For?

As usual, every city has its special dishes for which it is well-known. You will be happy to now that Cabo is no less, you can find numerous choices of tempting cuisines. However, the local cuisine is a must-try: Comida de Pobres Comida de Pobres actually means the poor man’s

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Art Lovers in Cabo, Check this Out!

If you are an art lover and you find yourself in Cabo, then there are several art galleries that may be worth your time. There is nothing like stopping and taking a time to appreciate art, specially in Mexico. Golden Cactus Art Gallery In this Art Gallery you can find

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Is Cabo a Good Place for Scuba Diving?

Cabo is widely known for being a home for a wide rage of marine wildlife, making it a perfect location for scuba diving.  The Ocean Wildlife While scuba diving in Cabo you can encounter with: eels, stingrays, puffers, trumpetfish, seahorses, bennies, and so much more. Apart from this, beautiful reefs and

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Themes for Your Yacht Party

How can you make your yacht party even more exciting? We’ve come up with some ideas to get your party poppin’ before it even starts. Trying out outfits is always an exciting process. This is why themed parties are the perfect opportunity to get yourself noticed and to get people

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Benefits of Yacht Fishing

Did you know that about 72% of the Earth’s surface is covered in water? Yeah, crazy right? Much of the oceans are fished, most commonly by commercial fishermen. Many fishermen own or rent boats for their own fishing trips, while others can fish along the coastline. At Nauticlux, you can

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Yacht Dining in Cabo?

Are you looking for a romantic ambience with that special someone over an elegant dinner? Your first option will  probably be looking at a restaurant located near a beach. But what if once you’re there, the restaurant is crowded and noisy and ruins your special moment? And what if you

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3 Foodie Hotspots in Cabo

When visiting a new place, it is always a priority to know where to go have lunch. If you are going on a trip whether it’s for vacation, work, or family, it’s a fact that you will want to know where are the best places to eat. In Cabo, there

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Photography Service in Cabo

Photography service in Cabo. Baja California welcomes visitors looking for fun. Los Cabos is well-known for beautiful beaches, nice drinks, and amazing nightlife. The moments

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Transport in Cabo?

Transport in Cabo. Are you planning a visit to Cabo San Lucas? Don’t know how you’re going to get around the city? Nauticlux offers car

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