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Santa Maria Beach

Experience the Epitome of Luxury at Santa Maria Beach

Santa Maria Beach is a hidden gem along the stunning Baja Peninsula, offering pristine turquoise waters and soft white sands for the discerning traveler looking to charter a luxury yacht or catamaran. As one of Los Cabos’ best kept secrets, Santa Maria Beach offers an exclusive escape from the crowds, allowing you to truly indulge in refined relaxation.

Santa Maria Beach, Cape Verde

Pristine Turquoise Waters Beckon

With gentle waves lapping at powder soft sands, the turquoise waters of Santa Maria Beach are crystalline and breathtaking. Offering an unspoiled aquatic landscape, these calm waters create the ideal setting for snorkeling and appreciating the diverse marine life. Schools of tropical fish including angelfish, parrotfish and damselfish share these waters with manta rays and sea turtles.

Witness this underwater oasis while onboard your private chartered catamaran, equipped with snorkel gear and water toys. Or simply bask in the beauty while sipping champagne on the deck of your luxury yacht. These perfect conditions make Santa Maria Beach the premier destination for an ocean getaway.

Secluded White Sand Paradise

In contrast to the lively resort towns of Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo, Santa Maria Beach offers a peaceful escape. Its seclusion provides privacy and exclusivity, with few other visitors in sight. Lounge on the soft white sands without the crowds and noise of more touristy beaches.

The striking desert landscape provides a scenic backdrop, with cacti dotting the dunes. Beach cabanas and luxury loungers await on the sand, for optimal relaxation. This is the ideal location to soak up the sun in ultimate comfort and style.

With no beachside hotels or restaurants, you’ll have the shore completely to yourself. Spread out on the sand or have beach picnic on your yacht, without the disturbances of city life. Find your own little piece of paradise on Santa Maria Beach.

Santa Maria Beach, Cabo

Indulge in Refined Beach Dining

While remote, Santa Maria Beach allows you to dine in total refinement thanks to the services of Nauticlux. With our yacht and catamaran charters, our private chefs will prepare gourmet meals to enjoys on the beach.

Our exquisite cuisine focuses on fresh local seafood and ingredients sourced from the region. From ceviche and fish tacos to lobster and filet mignon, indulge in beachside haute cuisine. Perfectly paired wines and craft cocktails complete the culinary experience.

Dine on fine china and linens set up waterside in the sand. As the sun sets behind the sea, relish this exclusive epicurean experience found only with Nauticlux. This romantic beachside dinner creates lasting memories for you and your special guests.

Luxury Cabanas for Relaxation and Pampering

To further elevate your beach retreat, Santa Maria Beach offers luxury cabanas for the ultimate in relaxation. Outfitted with plush towels, robes and slippers, recline on posh lounge chairs or get a beachside massage.

Being off the grid provides a digital detox, allowing you to fully disconnect. With no cell service, focus solely on pampering and enjoying each moment. The worries of daily life wash away with the sound of the waves.

Stock your personal beachside cabana with premium liquors and treats or take advantage of Nauticlux’s exceptional concierge services. Let us arrange all the details so your beach day offers pure and uninterrupted luxury.

Santa Maria Beach in Sal Cape Verde - Cabo Verde

The Ultimate Destination for a Private Beach Getaway

For those seeking exclusive refinement, Santa Maria Beach is the premier destination for a luxury beach retreat. The peace and privacy perfect for relaxing and recharging in total comfort.

What better way to experience this secluded shore than arriving by private yacht or catamaran? Nauticlux offers bespoke charters allowing you to reach the remote beaches of Baja in VIP style. Choose from our fleet of luxury vessels featuring lavish accommodations for an overnight anchorage or decadent day trip.

Onboard our yachts, you’ll be pampered with gourmet cuisine, premium beverages and exceptional service. Our concierge will ensure every detail is arranged, allowing you sit back, unwind and indulge guilt-free.

Discover the exclusive luxury of Santa Maria Beach with Nauticlux. Contact us today to start planning your beach getaway aboard our private charters. We promise it will be a vacation you’ll never forget.

Luxury Catamarans Offer a Refined Beach Experience

For larger groups, our luxury catamarans allow you to explore Santa Maria Beach together in comfort. With expansive deck space, state of the art amenities and lavish finishes, our catamarans redefine luxury.

Lounge in shaded seating areas, play cards at the onboard tables or relax in the lounge complete with entertainment systems. Our expert crew pampers you with 5-star service, delivering refreshments and catering to your every need.

Anchor in a secluded cove to enjoy water sports from the back platform. Our toys include jet skis, kayaks, standup paddleboards and snorkel equipment. Take them ashore to explore the striking volcanic rock formations along the beach.

With spacious lounging areas, catamarans keep your whole party together, making them ideal for corporate gatherings, family vacations or friend getaways. However you charter with Nauticlux, you’re guaranteed an exclusive luxury experience.

Santa Maria Beach, Los Cabos

Private Yachts Offer Ultimate Refinement

For smaller groups or absolute privacy, our yacht charters represent the height of luxury travel. Handcrafted by world-class builders and featuring opulent interiors, our yachts provide first class amenities with attentive personalized service.

Spread out in your lavishly appointed stateroom or suite equipped with premium linens and L’Occitane bath products. Wake up to fresh ocean views and the aroma of espresso prepared by your onboard chef. Spend your day sunbathing on the expansive deck before enjoying a private beachside dinner expertly prepared tableside.

With a private yacht comes the utmost in privacy and discretion, allowing you to fully relax and indulge. Bring along an esteemed group of friends or that special someone for the ultimate romantic getaway.

Experience Santa Maria Beach on an intimate level, anchoring in remote coves and exploring areas larger boats can’t access. With a maximum of 12 guests, the entire journey feels akin to having your own luxury villa on the sea.

Start Planning Your Private Beach Retreat

Santa Maria Beach entices with secluded shores, inviting waters and luxury amenities unparalleled in Cabo. Discover this exclusive escape in award winning style aboard Nauticlux’s private yacht and catamaran charters.

Our concierge service allows you to customize each detail and curate unique experiences both on the water and ashore. Let us arrange exclusive activities like beachside massages, guided ATV tours or dance performances on the sand.

Contact Nauticlux today and we’ll craft your ideal luxury beach vacation at Santa Maria Beach. Offering bespoke service and refined style, we guarantee memories to last a lifetime. Be one of the select few to experience Santa Maria Beach in absolute luxury.