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Visit the Canyon of the Fox

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Visit the Canyon of the Fox

Located on the North of Cabo San Lucas, in the desserts of Baja, there is a small town called “Sol de Mayo” waiting for you.

Your expert nature guide will show you the way, you better open up your eyes at the breathtaking landscapes of the dessert.

During the season of fall, you can catch a glimpse of the flowers in the dessert, filling the landscapes with color.

Also keep an eye for encountering with crocodiles, coyotes, and many unique species of birds.

You will be arriving to the river and walking through the shiny walls of Fox Canyon which will open to reveal a magnificent waterfall of 50 feet, falling right into some tranquil waters.

You can relax and swim among these refreshing waters, where you will also encounter water slides and will be able to glide through nature. Numerous photo opportunities.

So refreshing! You will be eating in a local restaurant close by, after returning to Cabo San Lucas.

A unique experience without a doubt in Cabo!

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Boulevard Lázaro Cárdenas 1501, CP. 23410. Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur