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Fun Water Sports and Activities You Can Do While Yachting

Discover all the amazing yachts we have available for you. You are the captain and we are pleased to serve you as you deserve! Enjoy Cabo San Lucas Fishing in our Fishing charters, or more of our Cabo San Lucas tours that include an up close encounter with a humpback whale, discover the best secret spots for snorkeling and admiring coral reefs, spend a romantic evening admiring the starry sky with that special someone or party hard with a bunch of pirates that know nothing about letting the waves be at rest! Ahoy!

Fun Water Sports and Activities You Can Do While Yachting

Get ready to be wet and have the adventure of a lifetime with water activities while yachting in Cabo!

Yacht rental isn’t just all about cruising, enjoying the view, and partying. When you rent a yacht in Cabo, you better get ready for some endless fun under the sun with water sports and activities! With Cabo’s abundant marine life, you get to experience water activities, as you’ve never done before.

Your squad better get ready to be adventurous and competitive. Yes, yacht rentals have water sports and other activities in store for you and your shipmates to enjoy.

Enjoy endless fun in the water when you rent a yacht in Cabo!


Most of the yacht rentals in Nauticlux have a jet ski you and your friends can use. But be sure to ask the captain’s permission to use the toy and if the area is okay for jet skiing. So don’t just hop on the jet ski, wait for the captain or crew’s signal. If you got the thumbs up, go and tear those waters apart! Feel the wind and enjoy the adrenaline as you rush in the open sea.


You and your squad will love exploring the ocean with Banana Ride and Donut. Choose between a donut-shaped or banana-shaped vessel as you explore the ocean and get closer to the marine life.


When the captain allows you, you and your friends can enjoy a dip in the water. Don’t try to jump off the yacht to swim if the boat is not yet anchored. Just make sure not to go beyond three meters to ensure your safety. Enjoy the fresh waters of the open sea in your skin as you rent a yacht in Cabo.


Some yacht rentals in Nauticlux offer sports fishing as a part of the activities in the yacht. If you fish on the open sea, you have a big chance of fishing some exquisite fishes. You can never enjoy a deep-sea fishing unless you chartered a yacht.


Another fun activity you may enjoy in your yacht rental is snorkeling. Observe over 500 species of marine life like fishes and other aquatic creatures as you snorkel the sea of Cabo. There’s snorkeling equipment on the yacht for yacht rentals that offer this activity.

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