Blue Marlin on a Boat Charter, a Sport fishing dream


When I was a child, I was trolling the docks during the Bisbee Black & Blue Tournament in boat charter. I was admiring all day in the yacht charters in Cabo, shiny and impotent, like the water sports peak. Fishermen strung huge marlins up by their tails. Peaks down and the marlins’ flashing silver bodies were very colorful. People posing for photos with the fish, as they do today. These were my summers.


I was fishing all my life on yacht charters; the fishing is the tradition in the family. When I was a young, my uncle explained me a few rules about the best cabo fishing charters. More than rules, exist the “angler sporting spirit” as he was calling.

In the mid-90s, there was little support for measures to help billfish. Most countries were focused on commercial target species, such as tuna and swordfish.

Angler Sporting Spirit on a Boat Charter


With the reel is almost like ballet. It takes a lot of orchestration and choreography. Everyone has their job. It’s a fascinating team sport to watch.

Dr. Ellen Peel, executive director of the Billfish Foundation

Atlantic blue marlin, are highly migratory and aggressive predators, are one of the largest species of bony fishes, as reaching lengths of more than 16ft. Male marlins in deep sea fishing in Los Cabos generally stop growing at 250-300lb, so sport fishing tournaments usually bring in large female fish.

When a blue marlin comes in and crashes on the bait, there’s a hole in the water. They’re so aggressive. They go ballistic. Lots of jumps, lots of greyhounds. They put out an awful lot of energy in doing it. With a big fish, it’s quite a spectacle. Plus, the fact that they can get so big makes them a desired target.

When a marlin explodes on the bait and takes off jumping, there’s nothing else like it in the fishing world, their stripes are a vibrant blue. Their pectoral fins are a real bright blue as well. When they come in lit up, you have to pay attention.


Blue Marlin remains a sport fishing dream, but for how much longer?

As a cordiality at the sport and the specie, all the regalement tournaments helps promote an important catch-and-release ethos. This help to conservation and reproduction at the population from the sport fishing value species.

The angler community, it’s very respectful. This is why in most tournaments; the vast number of Marlin are released. If the fish isn’t larger than 400lb, it isn’t going to win. If you bring in a smaller fish, it doesn’t look good for you or your boat. A dead Marlin on the dock in any country brings very little value to anyone.


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