Deep sea Fishing in Cabo San Lucas


Deep sea fishing in Cabo San Lucas is a kind of fishing that requires a trip out into the Pacific Ocean, and its deep waters, and a trip into the ocean far from land. For this kind of technique, it is recommendable to take a sport fishing yacht rental. The water depth should be at least 30 meters to be considered deep sea fishing area. This fishing technique is typically referred to as sport or offshore fishing or big game fishing.

A Day Deep sea Fishing in Cabo San Lucas on my Yacht Rental

The alarm sounds 5:30 in the morning and wakes me up of my deep dream. It’s my first day in Cabo San Lucas and in an hour, I have to been in the dock. There, a sport fishing yacht rental with my captain is waiting for me to go fishing.

We have to give the exit license at the check point of the port for exit to looking for dorados, tunas, wahoos and marlin. These specimens are in abundance in the month of December. The captain asks us where we want to go, but we don’t meet Cabo, so I just can say that we are interested in the deep sea fishing for dorado. Immediately the captain knows where is perfect, we headed towards a place called San Cristobal.

Taking a walk along the dock, I look for the charter fishing that my friends and I rent for this adventure. Once on board, the captain gives us safety advice. Things like where is the life vest, and he shows us the sportfishing license. He tells where are the coffee, the sandwiches, the water and other foods, the necessities for a trip of hours. But I don’t come to eat, finally we set sail. The live bait included looks incredible.


This seasoned sailor points out the favorite rock for the sea lions, and clearly, we can see some ones take the sun. Later we get a breathtaking view from The Arch with the waves crashing around. The captain takes something to look like little toys with colorful feathers and says are artificial bait.

The Deep Sea Fishing Zone

Then he explains that the rods and reels are first class equipment, and proud tells that this charter fishing has participated in some sportfishing events most important at Los Cabos. Meanwhile, keep pulling hooks, the bait and prepares the fishing rods with the corresponding fishing lines and hooks. Also, he mentioned that the better zones for the sportfishing charter -thanks to the proximity-are La Playa, Los Barriles, La Paz y Cabo San Lucas.


Once the fishing rods are ready, the sport fishing charter speed slow to less than 7 kn and the reeds are put on their supports. Then, we can prepare for trying. Even Mexicans fishermen use the word “trolling” for low-speed sportfishing. I suppose they are influenced for American fishermen that visit Cabo San Lucas frequently.

The Best Cabo Fishing Charter

The morning sun starts to numb me when I hear a hum, it’s the clicker of the reel tan notice us that something spikes. The captain screams, “Prepare you! It’s your rod! I take my rod fishing and I take him out of his support and suddenly the hum stops. Hey, really, I’m fishing in the sea! Even without having seen what’s on the hook, the captain tells me to lower my rod. “Let the fish take all the line it wants, don’t let it come loose, but don’t pull it when the fish is pulling, don’t force it, let it run”


He signals me to lower the rod without touching the side of the boat and picking up the line, meanwhile I do it. For, then up the rod without letting the reel spin and repeat, without forcing for the line don’t break up. I start to sweat. We can see something jumping at the end of the line and the captain screams “It’s a dorado!”

I keep picking up the line and the captain explains that is a 30-pound monofilament. Finally, I can see my effort is paying off. It’s a beautiful specimen! Also, I can see why it is called dorado; it has tones of yellow, green and white that together give it the appearance and metallic shine of gold. The reward was we the got to catch two sails at before nine o’clock. Needless to say, we were all pretty happy catching two sailfish, but we didn’t stop there and topped off our short day catching a nice yellowfin snapper for the celebratory dinner this evening.


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