Best Fishing charters in Cabo San Lucas Tips with Wire fishing Line


The best fishing charters in Cabo San Lucas can define through experience and proper technique are important to prevent injury while wiring marlin. The best in the fishing isn’t those who can hang on, but those who know when to let go. We were fishing the famed Cabo San Lucas when I got the call to put on the big-boy gloves. Everything was going great that season, and I was ready to wire my 10th-ever blue marlin. It was a graceful, solid fish, doing everything it was supposed to do.

My Experience in the Best Fishing Charter in Cabo San Lucas 


While I peered over the rail at the fishing charter, I saw that the hook was lodged in her top jaw. I was thought I could take two more raps with my front hand and then dump my backhand. This was leaving one hand free to get the hook out. It’s a no-brainer, and I’ll be a ­superstar. I was wrong. As I went for the additional two raps with my front hand, the fish turned on me. A couple of aggressive swipes of that 4-foot tail, and suddenly, my feet were lifted off the deck. The best fishing charter in Cabo straightened out like an arrow, and I found myself flat on my back, handcuffed in leader material.

My heart was in my throat, and I was shaking uncontrollably. I almost got pulled over. I asked withers to cut me out, but he refused.“Get yourself out and imagine doing it underwater,” he said. It took me the better part of five minutes to get myself untangled from the mono. As expected, I was back to the orange gloves and bowling-pin detail. An angler pulls a marlin fishing charter side.


After that day, I vowed to make every move a smart one. Really listen and pay attention to every word my mentors were saying to me, and to respect these magnificent creatures. Because I now know that if I don’t, in a split second, things can go horribly wrong. Those fish can severely injure, or worse, kill me. Since then, I’ve been lucky enough to fish around the globe with some of the best fishermen in the sport fishing charter. I was learned from that day on the deep sea fishing in Cabo San Lucas. Without proper technique, it’s only a matter of time until a storm of events lines up to create a bad situation. Even though deep sea fishing charter, wiring marlin is the be-all and end-all of big-game fishing. It’s not as simple as just grabbing a leader.

The Best Fishing Charter, movement and know-how


Technique is crucial when it comes to wiring marlin, with most of the good ones learning from mentors of their own. In addition, a good Cabo yacht rental always is a trustworthy option. Noticing certain details during the fight can help you in the long run, and there are certain rules most all anglers follow in the best fishing charters in Cabo. Things like hook placement, fish behavior, which wrap to use and the number of wraps to take as well as drag settings.

Any sudden changes in pressure on a well-behaved fish will cause it to react and take off. A gentle, fishy-fishy, could have easily gotten the job done with a smooth fight and quick release. It’s probably safe to say that marlin that jump into the cockpit do it because of poor technique, flipping the fish in midair toward the best fishing charters in Cabo. I get it; it looks cool watching a marlin 10 feet out of the air doing flips as the crowd goes wild.


I am guilty of doing it myself, but it can be very dangerous. Furthermore, I like my first touch to be with my strong hand: Pinch, then pull up. Never go right into grabbing the leader aggressively or taking two wraps right away on any size leader. If you take your time, pinch-pulling will get you tight and able to anticipate what the fish’s next move might be, and then yours will be a more educated one. 

Techniques on Fishing Charter 

The pinch-pull technique, especially when used with light tackle, is something that lends itself to finesse. Finesse will always win over brute strength, so knowing when to pinch-pull is key. Taking three wraps is too many, so he usually takes a backhand wrap first, then reacts to the fish. Since the best fishing charters in Cabo. The backhand wrap is an angler best friend when dealing with a really tough fish that’s digging on the leader. In extreme pressure situations, he prefers to start with a backhand wrap, which is ­easier to accomplish when using heavy drag. Adding that, you use a lot less energy with a backhand wrap than you do with an overhand one.