Cabo Yacht Rental – Baja California Trip


Eating traditional cuisine, shop local fare, and dive into the “the world’s aquarium”, all in your Cabo yacht rental in Baja California trip. The Mexican state of Baja California Sur has a wealth of natural and cultural treasures that you should meet in an unlike yacht rental. On the southern half of the Baja California Peninsula, you can discover an often-wild desert landscape contrast against brilliant blue waters teeming with life.

Along the east coast, the Sea of Cortez presents underwater adventures from snorkeling with the ocean’s largest fish to take a charter fishing. Get a pic from The Cabo Arch, or drive your boat rental along a rejuvenated reef. When you come up for air, take in sublime sunsets, taste traditional flavors at a taquería, and track down secluded hot springs. The road less traveled awaits.

Yacht Tour Stop 1: The Marine Life on Cabo 

The big attraction near the tiny town of Cabo Pulmo is the Cabo Pulmo National Marine Park. The 17,570-acre protected zone, part of a UNESCO World Heritage Site, has revitalized sea life along a coral reef. Navigate on a yacht charter to admire nature thought to be 20,000 years old. Dive to meet groupers, turtles, eels, snappers, and sharks. If you’re gone in a boat rental, first been sure to pack the snorkel equipment.


Yacht Tour Stop 2: The Land’s End

Whatever the time of year, don’t miss the striking El Arco, a rock formation at the tip of the peninsula, called Land’s End. The only way to get here is around the sea on a yacht rental since Cabo San Lucas.


Yacht Tour Stop 3: Todos Santos

Take your yacht charter and travel the western coast, Todos Santos. A place that the Mexican government designated as one of the magic towns of the country. This thanks to the for its distinctive culture, history, and the natural beauty. Explore the galleries and shops of Todos Santos, and end your day at the beach, taking the sun in a private yacht. Enjoy the sunset brings brilliant hues and, if you’re lucky, whale watching.


Yacht Tour Stop 4: Water Sports

As you motor north along the Pacific Coast, giving a sense of local life in Baja California Sur. Surfing is popular, with great breaks at Los Cerritos and San Pedrito. Bring your board to compete with the locals in Cabo or yacht charter that include them. Some private yacht offers overnight accommodation


Yacht Tour Stop 5: Discover the Capital City

Cross the peninsula to La Paz, the state capital and the gateway to the Sea of Cortez on a boat rental. With its seemingly endless water-focused adventures. Ask to arrange a snorkel trip with whale watching gentle giants that can reach 40-50 feet or more in length. Or visit the sea lions’ colony at Isla Espíritu Santo and stand-up paddleboarding at secluded beaches such as Balandra.