Rent a Fishing Charter: The Ultimate Cabo Fishing Challenge


Baja will know a new fishing tournament, the Challenge, on a fishing charter in Cabo San Lucas. The event will be the 5th and 6th of march in 2022 in the mackerel category. This “Challenge” on a charter fishing will be carried out within the framework of the activities to commemorate International Women’s Day in the city.  The proceeds will go to the Women’s Institute of Baja. This first big event at deep sea fishing in Cabo belongs to the series of Fishing in The Five. A serial event that happen in Baja along the year in their five counties.


The activities as the opening of the competition on fishing charter tournament will happen in Loreto beach. In this city, will install the official scale and the award, and the mackerel are the goal specimen for this event

The fishermen will search the offshore fishing the weightiest, that in the actuality the offshore fishing of the mackerel results wonderful. This why during the first months of 2022, the yellowtail mackerel has been the principal specie in the winter.


The Prize at the Challenge on a Charter Fishing

The contemplated a prime is around $10, 000 USD for the first places. Like regularly happen in the tournaments fishing in Cabo San Lucas,  it’s waiting the event a big success. Additionally, it estimates that it will a participation of more than 50 teams, including national and international.

In fact, The activities scheduled for this competition have been established according to the protocols for the development of sport fishing in Baja. Owing to the protocols were change to avoid multitudes. Because of the new normality, the inscriptions now are faster and are will program earl in the morning in the venue hotel. It’s waiting the full capacity.


Program of the Challenge

The tournament is thought for a whole weekend, starting on a Friday, destined at the registration of the templates. Also, to meet the regalement at the charter fishing, question and answers. On the other hand, the Saturday the boat’s rental goes out deep waters with the captains and the crew.

In the afternoon, the scale will open for the first results. With this in mind fishermen will adventure searching specimens and to conclude the second fishing day, in this case, the Sunday, will happens the same process.


Nonetheless, that depending what happens on the second day, the winners of the tournament can will take their awards. While The weighing class will divide in Dorado and Mackerel.

For another side, the catch and release category, it is made up of all the billfish. For the correct conservation of the specimen, always recommends the catch & release. Thus, with the serious intentions of returning the specimens to the ocean from your charter fishing.