The Marlin Capital of the World


The best Cabo fishing charters trolling through miles of open ocean hurtle on high-powered rental boats in the Marlin Capital of the World. It’s not unusual to see anglers standing in the cockpits of luxury yacht rental in Cabo San Lucas, watching the spread of baits off transoms. These fishermen often travel the world in search of billfish, but they always return to the Marlin Capital of the World.

A family tradition

The captain, Rich Barrett, knows crews that chase the fish as far away from the north until Cabo San Lucas, Los Cabos. Barrett grew up fishing off New Jersey with his father, Pete, a former charter yacht captain and editor at The Fisherman magazine. “In the eighties and nineties, we would catch lots of tuna and occasionally a white or blue marlin,” Barrett says.


Today, Barrett he runs a private yacht in Cabo San Lucas, one of the most powerful and advanced, best fishing charters ever built. The private yacht at Barrett in Los Cabos is specialized in deep sea fishing. With every electronic device imaginable; they have every advantage available and have not excuses. 

Water temperatures in the Marlin Capital of the World


When targeting marlin in the North, Barrett noted long runs in search of the warm water that holds these fish. That’s how eventually he arrives to Los Cabos. Barrett and their crew are focused on finding, fooling, hooking and then releasing the most exciting fish in the sea.

Years ago, according to Barrett, the warmest water was 77- to 78-degrees. Now we’re fishing in Los Cabos in 80-degree water. With a change in seawater temperatures, the fishes changed their behavior and showing up in places they have not been fished for before.


In the eighties, we might catch 20 white Marlin in a season. Now, releasing 100 Marlin in one summer is the new benchmark. When the water is right, I can catch a 500-pound blue marlin. A few minutes latter,  a 250-pound big eye. There’s nothing like it in the world.

Captain Blain Champlin

There is one reason these anglers chase marlin until Cabo San Lucas in a boat charter: the fight. When a marlin comes into the spread, swing its bill and slicing the surface with its sickle fin. Then the crew will pull away the teasers and turn the fish’s attention to one of the baits. Then, as soon as the marlin pounces on the bait, the angler must take the reel out of gear and let the line run. There, the Marlin can fight for hours, but will be caught soon.


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