The Ultimate Guide to Fishing Charters in La Paz


The capital of Baja California, La Paz is a perfect place for nature lovers who wish to get away from it all in their fishing charters. Whether you wish to go on a stroll along the waterfront Malecon.  Spend a day on white-sand beaches. Or try seafood delicacies at modern dining establishments, a visit to La Paz promises to be a memorable experience. La Paz also is known as an amazing fishing spot on a fishing charter. The waters of the Sea of Cortez offer a rich environment that is home to nearly 900 species of fish, including everything from tuna and Dorado to blue marlin and swordfish. Fishing season here is one of the best experiences that you can have in the Baja California Peninsula.


In case you want to know where to find the best fishing spots and when is the best time to go. Even if you’re searching the best Cabo Fishing Charter. This travel guide will tell you everything there is to know about fishing and the best fishing charters in La Paz.

La Paz is a great fishing destination, especially if you want to know more about the deep sea fishing charter. Large species such as tuna, marlin, wahoo, and dorado need preparation, bait and an experimented crew. With annual fishing tournaments, La Paz is actually one of the most famous destinations among anglers. However, you don’t have to be an experienced angler to enjoy fishing in La Paz on a fishing charter.

Type of Fishing in La Paz, Mexico


There are many ways you can enjoy deep sea fishing Charter in La Paz.  It’s a great way to explore different fishing regions on your own. Thanks to its incredibly calm and warm waters, the Sea of Cortez allows you to visit even offshore waters with a fishing charter. If you wish to experience shore fishing in La Paz, we recommend venturing outside the city gates to quieter beaches.

Keep in mind that you will have to be at least 4 hours on deep sea. This is why, we recommend just luxury yacht charters from a good size for more comfortable and more guests.

What Kind of Fish are in La Paz


The list of fish that can be found in the Sea of Cortex seems to be endless. The famous French explorer, Jacques Cousteau, once said that this sea is the world’s aquarium. He was not wrong to say that. Expect to see blue marlin, swordfish, tuna, cabrilla, mackerel, dorado, wahoo, roosterfish, and many other species in a boat charter. Mahi Mahi is another popular catch in La Paz. This green-yellow fish is also known as Dorado. The good news for anglers is that Mahi Mahi comes close to the shore here in La Paz.

Yellow fin Tuna is known to love warm waters, so it comes as no surprise that it comes right up close to the offshore. What’s great about this fish is that you can find it pretty much year-round in the Sea of Cortez. You can also go fishing for the most sought-after big game fish in the world in La Paz like the Marlin. In addition, La Paz is home to three different Marlin species including Striped, Black, and Blue Marlin.

Where are the Best Fishing Spots in La Paz?


Make your way to Tecolote Beach, one of the best fishing spots in the area. Located just a short, in a private boat is well-known for its fine offshore fishing opportunities. There is also Espiritu Santo Islands, an archipelago located just out from La Paz in your yacht charter. Home to amazing beaches and deserted islands, this place boasts a wide range of marine life. Cerralvo Island is also not-to-be-missed when talking about fishing on a boat charter. Slightly further offshore, the islands are without a doubt the most popular place for fishing in the Sea of Cortez.

Fishing Tournaments on a Yacht Rental in La Paz


Without a doubt, the best time to visit La Paz is during its annual fishing tournaments. Whether you fish for the thrill of the chase, out of love to fish, or just for fun, fishing tournaments are unmissed. With about 130 teams, the annual Dorado tournament is one of the largest fishing tournaments in the region. It takes place in La Paz in July, and team entry will set you back about $500. Who knows, you might even win a brand-new pick-up truck, which is reserved for the first place winner. Join the Bisbee East Cape International Fishing Tournament and compete for yellow fish tuna, marlin, sailfish, and spearfish with a yacht charter. Usually, a lot of competitors receives cash prizes at this tournament, even anglers competing in the catch & release division.